Embedded 在社区中, learning together

迪肯的核心 任务 is to serve God by serving students, so they can, in turn, serve others.

Duquesne graduates work to improve their workplaces and communities. 教师研究 urgent issues and propose research-based solutions, often working themselves alongside community members as trusted partners. Students develop authentic relationships in communities as they learn together about how to have a lasting positive impact.


Each year, Duquesne students, faculty and staff spend hundreds of thousands of hours 志愿服务 在社区中. You can work side-by-side with residents, government organizations, businesses and other non-profits to address an array of systemic challenges in health, education, legal access, economic development and more.

Every academic program creates opportunities for you to get involved. 迪凯纳已经 many future-focused ways 为学生 to learn and act with and on behalf of others.

Serving Students by Being Accessible

Our commitment to positive social impact means we work with you to manage your investment in a Duquesne education. Duquesne is committed to a diverse and inclusive community, casting a wide call 为学生 to attend from underrepresented groups, other regions and nations, and who may the first in their family to go to college.


Duquesne students often volunteer during orientation, well before entering 他们的第一堂课.

A variety of groups help work toward positive change.

The Center for Excellence in 多样性 and Student 包容 has many ways 为学生 to get involved in efforts to promote  inclusive environments 为学生. 

圣灵冰球突破平台事工 is a welcoming place for people of any faith to learn more about their faith, volunteer, worship, or take part in other activities that deepen their experience at Duquesne. 

The Center for 社区 Engaged Teaching and 研究 is a resource to help students and faculty collaborate with communities and regional 以有意义的方式合作.

杜肯妇女协会 brings volunteers together to pursue activites that benefit the University community.

You have many ways to make a positive impact.


Help organize the work of student groups in the region!

多样性, equity and inclusion matters

Help strengthen our inclusive community!


Whatever path you take, you can make an impact 在社区中.


Local, regional and national organizations work with Duquesne to make an impact.


Help steward our environment and its resources to ensure longterm vitality

Persis Naumann, Fulbright Scholar and Healthcare Ethics Ph.D. 学生,产生影响 在印度进行研究

"Many healthcare policies are influenced by the Global North–regions such as North America and Europe –and I want to make sure that women in South India have the chance 让他们的声音被听到. Their experiences should have the chance to influence 影响他们的政策."


Duquesne - Pittsburgh 连接ion

"It's an amazing experience for our admitted students because they get to see just what being at Duquesne is all about and they get to experience it truly first-hand 与我们社区的成员."


75,000meal kits for local families packed by 600+ accepted Duquesne students in April 2022.

"While we work with communities throughout the western PA region, we have a special focus on the neighborhoods bordering our campus, all of which have rich cultural, industrial, and commercial histories."

比尔GenerettSenior Vice President of Civic Engagement and External Relations

5neighborhoods: Uptown, South Side, Hill District, Hazelwood, and Mon Valley.

"As a (PPG) 社区 Engagement Scholar, we worked on modules that would benefit young kids in the Pittsburgh area. It inspired me and the others I worked with to continue our work with the partners to create change. 如果有更多的节目 like this, more areas and students would mutually benefit from it."

Hervinah Celestin法医学和法律专业

100+different research sites throughout the western PA region.

"A green environment has enormous benefits for our students, our staff and faculty, and our neighboring community, since trees help improve city life in so many ways."

比尔Zilcoskysenior director of facility services and operations

10%of all colleges and universities are designated Tree Campuses.



As more business schools incorporate sustainability content into their curriculums, the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business at 冰球突破平台 continues to set the standard among its global peers. Duquesne's sustainability-oriented One-Year MBA program is again the top U.S. 学校, 也没有. 6 globally in Corporate Knights' 2022 top 40 Better World MBA Rankings. 160 busines schools were evaluated and only five United States programs are ranked 进入今年的前40名.